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General questions about eSIMs

・What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is an industry standard digital SIM. By using an eSIM, users can access Japan’s mobile network without a physical SIM card.
The main difference from physical SIM cards is that users can complete the transaction entirely online, as opposed to needing to purchase & receive physical cards.
At RakuRaku JAPAN eSIM, there are a wide array of purchasing options with great deals, so don’t miss out.

Please note that the RakuRaku JAPAN eSIM plan is network-only and no call services are available.

After purchasing an eSIM, you can activate it by using the passcode sent to your email address.

Have the best time in Japan by using our eSIM data services!



・Can I use both a physical SIM card and an eSIM at the same time?

This depends on the device you use. If your device supports dual SIMs, then yes, you can use both at the same time. If your device does not support dual SIMs, then you can only use one SIM card at a time.



・What kind of device supports eSIMs?

All SIM-free devices that support eSIMs.

※If your device is not SIM-free, you cannot use an eSIM.

For unlocking your device’s SIM, you will have to contact your device’s provider or manufacturer. RakuRaku eSIM JAPAN will not be able to support inquiries about SIM locking, so be sure to note this before making a purchase.



・What is a SIM-free device?

A SIM-free device is a device that has no restrictions for SIMs.

Your device’s SIM may be locked or restricted, depending on the country of purchase, network operator, or store of purchase. Please check if your device is SIM-free before purchasing an eSIM.



・How can I check if my device is SIM-free or not?

Low-volume eSIMs are also available for connection testing. If you are not sure whether your device is compatible with eSIM, please consider using the trial plan (500MB/2 days).


For iPhone users:

Go to Settings > General > About > Carrier Lock

If it says “No SIM restrictions”, then your device is SIM-free.

If it says “SIM locked”, then your device is SIM locked, and you will have to unlock this prior to using an eSIM.


For Android users:

(Procedures may vary depending on the maker of your phone)

Go to Settings > Device Information > SIM Card Status > SIM Lock

If it says “No SIM restrictions” or “SIM allowed”, then your device is SIM-free.


If you need further assistance, please contact your place of purchase or the maker of your device.



・Can I call somebody, or send SMSs?

・Can I make calls or send SMS with eSIM?

No, our plans are network-only, therefore you cannot call or send SMSs.

You can, however, call somebody through network applications like Facetime.



・Is tethering possible?

RakuRaku JAPAN eSIM basically supports tethering, but some smartphone models may not support it.



・When does my data plan start?

The day you installed your eSIM will be counted as the first day of your plan.

If you bought your eSIM before arriving to Japan, we suggest installing the eSIM on the day you arrive.



Questions in regards to purchasing

・What are your payment options?

You can use either credit & debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners), Apple Pay, or Google Pay.



・How do I receive my eSIM?

Note that eSIM transactions are completed online, and you will not receive anything from the mail. We will send an email titled “[RakuRaku JAPAN eSIM]: New order” which should complete the transaction.



・I didn’t receive my activation code.

After completing your payment, you should receive an email titled “[RakuRaku JAPAN eSIM]: New order” within 5-15 minutes. If you cannot find this email, please check your spam box.

There could be a possibility of entering a wrong email address upon purchasing.

In case you haven’t received an email after 30 minutes, or you accidentally entered a wrong email address, please contact us through our website form, so we can send you your activation code.



・Can we order an eSIM before we arrive to Japan?

You can order our eSIM before or after arriving to Japan.

However, please note that your data plan will start on the moment you install your eSIM by entering your serial code. Upon entering Tokyo, you can install your eSIM by using the free wi-fi provided by both Narita and Haneda airports.



・Will we receive an eSIM package?

An eSIM is a digital SIM card, so it does not include any physical packaging. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a serial code for eSIM activation.



・When should I place my order?

You can place an order for an eSIM anytime, but we suggest purchasing before arriving in Japan. When you finish your purchase, you will soon receive an email including the activation code.

You can use this code to install your eSIM as soon as you arrive in Japan. However, note that the installation date will become the starting date of your data plan, so make sure you don’t install the eSIM before coming to Japan.



・Can I data charge my eSIM? / Can I purchase additional data packages?

You cannot data charge the eSIM, however, if you used up your data, you can purchase another eSIM from RakuRaku JAPAN eSIM to access the internet again.



・Can I repurchase an eSIM?

Yes, there are no limits to repurchasing.


・Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, cancellations or returns are not possible after purchase, due to the nature of the product.


・If I bought the eSIM beforehand, will it activate later automatically?

No, the eSIM will not activate automatically. Customers have to activate their eSIMs by using the activation code sent via email.



・My device does not support eSIMs. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept refunds since retrieving or reselling eSIMs are impossible once installed.

Low-volume eSIMs are also available for connection testing. If you are not sure whether your device is compatible with eSIM, please consider using the trial plan (500MB/2 days).



Questions about usage

・When should I install my eSIM?

If you bought our eSIM before arriving to Japan, we would suggest you to install it upon arrival.

Also note that the day you install your eSIM will be the first day of the service period.



・Can I buy an eSIM one month before arriving to Japan?

Yes, you can activate the eSIM on a later date.

If you bought your eSIM before arriving to Japan, we would suggest you to install it upon arrival.



・Can I activate my eSIM before arriving in Japan?

You can activate your account outside of Japan, but we recommend that you do so after you arrive in Japan, as the activation will start counting toward your usage period.



・If I bought the eSIM beforehand, will it activate automatically upon arrival?

No, it will not activate automatically, so please activate it upon arrival.



・Can I use the eSIMs outside of Japan?

No, our eSIMs can only be used for Japanese cellular networks, therefore you can only connect to the internet within Japan.



・How can I check my data usage?

You can check it through the webpage sent via email which includes your activation code. In there, you can see data usage as well as how many days you have left.



・How can I check if my eSIM was properly installed?

For iPhone users:

Go to Settings > Cellular. The page should list your eSIM (a 14-digit number starting with 0200).


For Android users:

Go to Settings > SIM card settings. Your eSIM should be listed in the eSIM section.


*Procedures may vary depending on your device & software versions.



・Can I use the same eSIM for multiple devices?

No, once you install the eSIM, you cannot transfer it to another device.

However, if you want to share the same network with another device, you can use the tethering feature to share the network.



・I accidentally installed the eSIM on a wrong device. Can I transfer it to another device?

Unfortunately, once an eSIM is installed to a device, you cannot transfer it to another device.

In this case, you can still use the device as a tethering hotspot to connect your other devices.



・I accidentally deleted my eSIM.

Unfortunately, you cannot reinstall a deleted eSIM.

Additionally, we cannot retrieve or resell an eSIM once installed, therefore we cannot accept refunds.



・What frequency bands are used?

Frequency bands are listed below:

     NTT DoCoMo networks

     – 4G / LTEBand1 (2.1GHz) / Band 3 (1.8GHz) / Band 19 (800MHz) / Band 21 (1.5GHz) / Band 28 (700MHz) / Band 42 (3.5GHz) 

     – 3G / W-CDMABand 1 (2.1GHz) / Band 6 (800MHz) / Band 19 (800MHz)

     Band 1 is the main band used throughout Japan.

     Band 3 is primarily used within the Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka regions.

     Band 19 is a platinum frequency band used primarily in outer city and mountainous areas.

Networks are generally more stable within the 4G/LTE: Band 19 & 28 platinum frequency bands and 3G: Band 6 range.